For the “Mango Eat-All-You-Can” feast, the provincial government of Guimaras will allot 10 tons of the fruit as it is one of the sought-after activities of the annual Manggahan Festival that will officially start on April 29.

The province has prepared a minimum of 100 metric tons of mangoes for the entire celebration of the 2023 Manggahan Festival which also includes an agri-fishery and an eco-tourism expo aside from the popular eat-all-you-can treat.

“That is our minimum estimate; that can still increase depending on the climate. We counted the farmers who induced their mangoes that can be harvested in time for the festival. And based on the record the safest is at least 100 tons” said provincial agriculturist Alvin Nava.

The eat-all-you-can event is set on May 19-22 to be situated in a bigger venue to accommodate 150 people per batch, said the press statement released by the information section of the office of the governor.

“The venue can cater (to) eight batches a day. Each guest will be given a chance to consume an unlimited number of mangoes for 30 minutes,” according to the statement.

Nava, in a follow-up interview, said they have yet to determine how much the guests will have to pay but it will depend on the prevailing market price for the duration of the festival.

Last year, the mango production in the province for the festival reached around 200 metric tons to 300 metric tons, he added.PNA