The Iloilo Provincial Health Office (IPHO) has called for an intensified implementation of the 4S strategy on dengue prevention as cases in the province showed a slight increase amid the El Niño phenomenon this year.

IPHO chief Dr. Maria Socorro Quiñon said they have recorded 141 dengue cases from Jan. 1 to Feb. 3, a slight increase from the 138 posted in the same period last year.

“We have to strengthen our 4S strategy most, especially search and destroy breeding places,” she said, noting that cases even increase during the dry spell.

The 4S strategy stands for search and destroy mosquito-breeding places, seek early consultation, self-protection, and support fogging or spraying operations when necessary.

Since people tend to store water during dry spells, it can also become breeding places for mosquitoes when left uncovered.

Quiñon said cases could further increase if preventive measures are not observed.

She said only four towns –Anilao, Batad, Concepcion and Zarraga– of the 43 local government units in the province have not reported dengue cases.

The town of Oton, on the other hand, recorded the highest number of cases with 18 followed by Passi City with 11.Perla Lena/PNA