Globe is introducing the fully digital eSIM experience this September. This transformative offering gets rid of the hassles of obtaining and handling physical SIM cards, ushering in a new era where activating and managing mobile services is as simple as a few taps on a screen.

Globe’s prepaid eSIM will be available by the end of the month, reinforcing Globe’s dedication to pioneering user-centric technological solutions.

The eSIM will be solely available via the GlobeOne app, a digital-exclusive strategy that underlines Globe’s commitment to a future-ready and streamlined user experience.

With the GlobeOne app, buying an eSIM will be a breeze:

●       Users can easily download the FREE app

●       Set up a GlobeOne account

●       Request for a new eSIM

This shift to a digital-only model ensures that Globe’s customers are spared the inconvenience of store visits or physical SIM delivery, making the transition to the eSIM both sustainable and efficient.

“At Globe, we’re always looking ahead, anticipating the needs of our customers in an ever-evolving digital landscape. The prepaid eSIM captures our vision of a seamless, digital-first mobile experience, marrying innovation with convenience,” Darius Delgado, Head of Globe’s Consumer Mobile Business.

The merits of the eSIM go beyond its digital nature. It allows users to install multiple eSIMs on selected devices and use two phone numbers at the same time. Plus, the eSIM can also be used in devices other than mobile phones such as smartwatches, allowing seamless connection under one mobile number. This technology is available to the Apple Watch cellular, allowing Globe Prepaid iPhone users to go out with just their Apple watch and stay connected even without bringing their iPhone.

The roll-out of the prepaid eSIM has a positive environmental impact as well. By digitalizing the SIM process, eSIM technology can eliminate the need for plastic, and logistics required to create a physical SIM, and cut down its associated carbon emissions.

As the world pivots more towards digital solutions, Globe stands ready to lead its customers into a future marked by seamless connectivity and conscious choices.

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