Following her recent success, Miagao pride Angela Joy Marie Bermejo of the Iloilo City Sports Academy (ICSA) and 1Team Iloilo became the first Ilongga who was recruited to be part of the Philippine team to represent the country in international road cycling competitions.

Bermejo won the silver medal at the Philippine National Road Championships 2024, held at Tagaytay City. She was coached by Coach Pido Pesina and Coach Teesai Demontano.

“Being selected as one of the national team members will forever be my greatest and proudest accomplishment. And I feel so blessed, happy, relieved, and grateful for this blessing,” she shared.

As a first timer, Angela, who shifted from taekwondo to cycling, said she looks forward to the new environment and training ground, as well as the new faces that she will meet and eventually being with them every second of the day.

“As for my preparations, I will always remind my self of all the lessons I’ve learnt from my coach. Also to act accordingly as to how I was trained and raised by my coach and parents” she added.

Meanwhile, Bermejo’s mother, Mary Joyce, said they did not expect Angela’s inclusion as they plan that after the Road Race National Championship, they will send Angela to school and just compete in local competitions.

“But when her manager, Mam Teesai Demontaño relayed the information that she was recruited to be in the National Team, my first uttered words were ‘Hala, sadya gid ni’. Mixed emotions of happiness, apprehensions, worries, excitements, anxieties. Happiness because her hardships in cycling were rewarded with the idea na maka train sia upod sa Phil Team, worries & apprehensions because it will be our first without her in our sights . But then, we said to her, this is an opportunity given to you and we better give a try,” Bermejo explained.

Bermejo also said that as parents, they motivate her positively, encouragements, other than financial. Reminding her of her capabilities as an athlete and just believing that she can excel.

“Me, preferably, always remind her to pray to God & her guardian angel to protect her and to watch out always her mental health. Dayday, when given a chance to be trained by best coaches in our country, I’m confident that she will reach her ultimate goat, that is to become a champion too,” she added.

After his inclusion to the national team, Angela thanked God and her grandmother for the blessings, strength, determination, and guidance throughout her cycling journey.

“To my mom and dad who’s been supportive of me ever since I started engaging into sports, thank you and I will always be grateful to have you both as my parents. To my coach Pido and Tita Teesai, I am so thankful that you are the people behind this success and the reason where I am today. You both helped me improve and build my skills as an cyclist. I learned a lot and will never forget all of the lessons I’ve learnt from the both of you,” he added.IMT Sports