Last February 14, I found myself working almost the whole morning at my small farm in Guimaras. I was preparing the plots I had asked my farm helpers to make for the indigenous vegetables that I have prepared for planting. I know they’re a bit puzzled since the dry spell in the province has been declared by the weather bureau to have started already. Perhaps they were thinking that I am punishing them since I have said that I have no date on Valentines.

After finishing two plots of alogbate and dahon kamote, I went to the flower garden where I have a collection of different ornamental and flowering plants and different varieties of orchids. That part made me forget lunch and it’s past three in the afternoon when I realized that I have spent so much time in the garden. I went back to my small hut in a hurry since I needed to go back to the city for a meeting I asked from a client. I told myself that I have to be on time for once or say just on heart’s day.

After an hour, I found myself sitting alone inside a coffee shop while waiting for my appointment. It’s a cool cafe. Two pairs of teenagers were seated across my table. One pair is apparently dating as I can observe the sweet exchanges of smiles while sitting very close with each other. The other pair is just having some good conversation and laughter. I can even hear them talk about someone whom they were bullying in between sips of the caramel macchiato they were having. Of course I don’t know what a caramel macchiato is. I have not tasted one. A good coffee for me is simply a stick of Nescafé with a little sugar. Though I have no choice either since it’s not in the meńu board.

While waiting, I tried to pass the time by scanning Facebook. I got glued to the small and defective screen of my android phone. Time has changed indeed. Both male and female now post the chocolates and flowers they have received or are about to give. When love was so romantic and private before and only the pages of a perfumed paper are a witness to its revelation, today’s generation is far too different and loud. They would rather post photographs on their timeline and friends and acquaintances would either like or comment on their posts. It’s like a showdown of who gets the most beautiful bouquet of roses and who gets the most engagement or likes.

Perhaps, I am just envious since sharing publicly intimate moments is not my cup of tea. Or maybe, I have a meeting instead of having a date on Valentine’s Day. That’s why I sound bitter or old-fashioned. Yes, speaking of having a meeting, I did not open a Viber message I received while scanning my FB account. After more than an hour, I read my Viber messages and there I read the message coming from the person I’m supposed to meet. She cancelled our meeting since it’s Valentine’s Day. Maybe she had a date. One thing is sure though, I dated myself that day.