The Medical City Iloilo, a leading healthcare institution known for pioneering health innovations in the region, is bringing outpatient care to the next level by introducing the first exclusive online application to assist patients in their Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) needs – SARA which stands for Self-Access and Registration Assistant.

Strategically positioned at TMC Iloilo Ambulatory Care Center, SARA is the latest addition to TMC Iloilo’s commitment to exceptional outpatient care aimed at providing convenience and efficiency. This exclusive online application is designed to enhance the patient experience by providing online HMO applications, internet access, and Letter of Authorization (LOA) printing services. This innovative approach ensures a seamless and convenient process for patients to obtain approval for their Letter of Authorization.

With SARA, patients can now choose their preferred application method, whether through an HMO app, email, or the HMO website. By following application-specific instructions, they can effortlessly print their Letter of Authorization, streamlining the entire process and eliminating unnecessary hassles. The printed LOA can then be presented to the Clinic Staff for further processing.

“We are excited to introduce SARA as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the overall patient experience. At The Medical City Iloilo, we continuously strive to bring innovations that make healthcare more accessible and convenient for our community,” said TMC Iloilo Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Prince Juliene Hermaine Celo .

“SARA is the latest addition to our outpatient services to streamline our processes and improve patient experience. From having Concierge Services for an appointment and schedule setting, dedicated outpatient staff for vital signs monitoring, to a centralized patient information system aiding physicians in medical diagnosis and assessment, TMC Iloilo remains committed to bringing exceptional and convenient outpatient services,” TMC Iloilo Chief Executive Officer Dr. Felix Ray Villa noted.