As it celebrates three years of fruitful operation in Iloilo, full-service outsourcing firm XtendOps vows to continue its excellent employee performance management system.

XtendOps’ site in Barangay Ungka II, Pavia town has been operating since September 2019. It uses modern technology to help high-growth businesses to scale up.

The company sources and hires top-caliber employees to provide their clients with superior support and service every step of the way.

According to XtendOps chief executive officer Sean McCreery, Iloilo will always be a major place for XtendOps.

“It’s always the people. Ilonggos are good at taking care of people. If you’re looking for a place which truly builds a career, it’s here in Iloilo,” he said in an exclusive media interview.

“With its growth, we continue to see great performance. We’re confident to invest and hopefully can expand to other areas,” McCreery, who personally visited Iloilo last month, added.

Amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, McCreery said they remained steadfast in attaining their goals.

“I think every company must really look at how they operate now, and I think any company that sort of wants to be ready for what could happen has to have a good remote work strategy,” he stressed.

“Every company must also think about how they can get their employees home in case something happens like COVID-19 did and I think a lot of companies are now realizing that outsourcing is a strong option to help them with that remote strategy,” he added.

XtendOps is also operating in Cebu City. Outside the Philippines, it has sites in Neuvo Leon, Mexico; Monterrey, Jalisco, Mexico; Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; Puerto Vallarta, Aguacalientes, Mexico; and San Antonio Texas, USA.

“A big part of the company in general is really focused on employee empowerment and really having trust and really focusing on the concept of one team. The team really came together despite the risks to really make sure that the business survives,” McCreery said.

“A foundational aspect of our business is really finding talented people that haven’t been given the opportunity and you know in this industry a lot of individuals haven’t been given the opportunity just whatever it is, hierarchy or you know they’re not senior enough for their manager doesn’t like them enough,” he further said.

The company is eyeing to build another site in Iloilo and expand its ooerations in Bacolod City, Bohol, and even in Boracay.

“With our growth, we see great success here (Iloilo) and I think as we’ve scaled up, we have continued to see great performance. So, for us, we feel confident in investing more,” McCreery said.

“Trust is a two-way street. I trust my employees to work at home and I expect my employees to work hard.”

McCreery, along with his team, paid a courtesy call to Pavia Mayor Luigi Gorriceta

He also thanked Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Trenas for the support they have extended to the company.IMT