Following his impressive performances, an Ilonggo car racer has made history after he won two titles in a span of one year. 

It was a fruitful and remarkable race for Iloilo City native, Ian Rosales after he was recognized as the first driver to win the two titles of Driver of the Year Season 2023. The only two Goldenwheel awards allotted to circuit racing every season. 

Prior to his successful stint, Rosales was also the Philippine Grandtouring 150 Overall Champion and the Clubman Driver of the Year in 2022. 

“Winning two titles in a year was really very challenging. Winning one last year was really a big effort not only from me, but the people revolving around me as well. Me, my crew, my mechanica, my team as well as my family,” he added. 

Rosales who plays car racing for years now, said he was motivated to keep going because he loves the sports already. 

“I also have a couple of invitations to race internationally but wala paman ko nag commit. My family and friends here, specifically my autocross family are the ones who motivates me. Also, I proudly let them know I’m from Iloilo and kaya sang Ilonggo mga gina ubra nila,” Rosales explained. 

The pride of Iloilo City also explained how he obtained two prestigious awards recently. 

“In this event, tanan nga drivers nga naging season winners in all types of motorsports gina recognize. After that, me gina tawag nga Goldenwheel Award – one golden wheel award is awarded to the driver that is the most dominant in his field. Ang circuit racing lang may ara two Goldenwheel awards out of the 12 awards. That is GT Driver of the Year and Bracket Racing Driver of the Year.

So first time nga isa ka tawo naka kuha two out of the 12 nga gina tagtag as major awards,” he shared. 

Of the 12 different disciplines, there will be a votation and eventually one prestigious award will be given among the 12 top drivers of their discipline and that is the “Goldenwheel Driver of the year 2023.” The awarding will be on March 2024. 

“As for our achievement this year, no other driver in circuit racing was able to obtain both major awards, and no other driver was able to get double goldenwheel awards in whole of motorsports. Hopefully sa awarding night makuha ta ang Goldenwheel Driver of the year 2023. If ever, first kita nga not from Luzon nakakuha,” said Rosales. 

When asked about his training and preparation, Rosales said it was mentally, physically and financially challenging not to mention that he’s a “probinsyano” and the logistics are hard considering the circuits are in Manila. 

“Unlike our competitors nga anytime they can drive and practice, kita usually every race weekend we practice two days before and diretso na since passion lang ni and outlet and not our profession. But despite all these, I manage to make it on top,” he shared. 

Rosales, as he called himself a “probinsyano” proved that despite limited resources and fund challenges, he can dominate various competitions and can give pride to the Ilonggo community.IMT Sports